Stereo Dreams


Stereo Dreams

A sign at Jason Pappas’ Burlington, Vermont studio explains that everything you see is made with 100% found, reused materials. Usually when artists give themselves this task, the result is abstract assemblage that, when done well, eloquently comes together in composition and, when done poorly, results in rambly stacks of junk. Jason Pappas’ work is on entirely different level. He makes beautifully executed boom boxes out of electric sockets and oven knobs. In Kolaj #17, we interviewed him about his work.

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“People connect more with my lamp that has form and function than they do with the painting that inspired that lamp. I guess that’s just how it goes. Of the three audio wall sculptures that I recently presented, all three sold to people who work professionally in the music industry. People buy what they know, and sometimes it’s better to start with a common ground.”

Jason Pappas is an artist, musician and designer based in Burlington, Vermont. To inquire about his work, visit