To the Centre of the Universe


Collagemonauts Release a Comic Book

A collaborative project of collage artists Marty Gordon, Craig van den Bosch and Tim Manthey, The Collagemonauts Volume One is the first in a promised series of collaged comic books. The trio uses an exquisite corpse technique with established rules of collaboration: No images would be sacred, one artist was free to add to, cover, or destroy another’s work. They trade on themes as diverse as space, medicine, religion, and indigenous people. A review of To the Centre of the Universe appears in Kolaj #16.

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Volume One includes origination myths, a set-up of the villainous Dr. Nagasaki Hiroshima, various adventures that move through extraterrestrial, multidimensional worlds and sometimes result the our heroes being excreted out of a floating space body. The comic is full of glorious absurdity, usually the product of misapplied concepts, like the time when “they absorbed knowledged passed to them in utero” or when “the DNA is producing visions of a false human past” or when “they disrupt and absorb electromagnetic pulses from sources beyond their conveyance.” It’s not so much science fiction as it is science-y fiction.

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The Collagemonauts: Journey to the Center of the Microverse
by Marty Gordon, Tim Manthey, Craig van den Bosch
10.25”x6.75”, 64 pages
fully illustrated, $9.99 US (print)
or $2.99 US (digital)
Published by Collagemonauts

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