What Is It About the Patina of Age?
by Cory W. Peeke

Kolaj Magazine contributor Cory W. Peeke was in conversation with Martin Copertari, Hope Kroll, Bob Scott, and Olga Lupi about the role of vintage source materials in collage making:

I’m drawn to vintage illustration, photography and ephemera for use in my own work, and I also find it very enticing in the works of others. Much of the collage work I most admire employs such material to one extent or another. So, I began to wonder how much of the appeal of a work is tied up in the implied history of the source imagery. And, why is it that so many collage artists are drawn to vintage ephemera even though it is often from an era with which they/we have no tangible connection?

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by Olga Lupi
851 px x 1184 px
Paper from magazine (tools), children’s book (man and child), wall and background printed from web