New Zine: Identiblocks: Portrait #001


Identiblocks: Portrait #001

by Mark Vargo, 2022

Identiblocks: Portrait #001 by conceptual collage artist Mark Vargo pushes the boundaries of traditional paper collage into an interactive, dynamic and 3-dimensional space allowing individuals to both create and perform their own collage mask that represents their identity, vision and emotions.

The project debuted in November 2021 at Kolaj LIVE Knoxville where Vargo introduced the project and the concept and photographed other collage artists interacting with Identiblocks on the grounds of the Knoxville Museum of Art. In January 2022, Kolaj Institute and Kasini House published this zine.

With a BFA from the University of Illinois and more than ten years working as a multidisciplinary creative, Mark Vargo developed a unique vision and craft for his artwork that involves traditional collage techniques combined with non-traditional materials, such as metal and found objects, sewn together with a coarse thread. Location (living in the Blue Ridge Mountains), emotion, and contemporary world issues influence his work. Vargo’s art has been shown in galleries and museums around the US, and has won awards including Honorable Mention at Art Melt Louisiana at the Capitol Park Museum in Baton Rouge.