Be Nobody

Wood a Rose? by Tree Lily Butcher
60″x48″; paper collage and acrylic paint on plywood; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.


Tree Lily Butcher: Be Nobody

at Kreate Hub Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
1-30 July 2023

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Tree Lily Butcher knew what she wanted to be very early in life: in the words of 7-year-old Tree Lily, “I want to be when I grow up I will be an artist and a mom because a mom is the best job in the world. An artist is a good job too, I think, because I love to paint pictures.” In 2020, pregnant and unemployed, Tree Lily started her journey into both motherhood and the professional art world.

I Am He as You Are He by Tree Lily Butcher. Courtesy of the artist.

The book Be Nobody by Lama Marut, the inspiration for this exhibition, has a simple premise: “We are all desperately trying to be somebody. No one wants to be a loser, a small fry, a big zero, a washout, a nonentity. Nobody, it seems, wants to be a nobody.”

This race to be somebody only creates suffering. In this intimately spiritual collage collection, Tree Lily examines the surreal experience of becoming a true Nobody. The result is the destruction of the ego and transformation into pure oneness with the universe.

You are invited to bear witness to this event.

(text adapted from material provided by the artist and the venue)


Kreate Hub Nashville
309 Plus Park Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee 37217 USA
(615) 625-2299

Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM


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