Beautiful Images
Posing Unsettling Questions


Collages: Paul Forde Cialis, Penny Dixey and Carol White
at the Blue House Gallery in Schull, County Cork, Ireland
20 April-2 May 2018

Opening reception: Friday, 20 April, 6-8PM

In collage, the image is made from an assemblage of different materials such as magazine and newspaper clippings, paint, bits of coloured or handmade papers or indeed, anything the artist may wish to utilize that can be stuck to the surface. Each of the three artists taking part in the Blue House Gallery exhibition approach their work in different ways, which will result in a diverse and exciting exhibition.

Paul Forde Cialis’s collage/paintings hold up a mirror to the darker side of human nature. He observes challenging aspects of the human condition which he expresses through allegory, humour and mischief. To the viewer, they work as beautiful images that can pose sometimes unsettling questions.

Penny Dixey explores the making of new worlds and lives from old images. She loves the feeling of stillness, suspension and possibility in icons, thangkas and medieval European art, and this is reflected in a similarly thoughtful and timeless quality in her collages.

Carol White breathes alternate lives into familiar art historical faces–Rembrandt’s women and Durer’s men are among the subjects of her paper tableaux. She composes scenarios from simple materials sourced from magazines, and is inspired by world news, the realities of ageing, weather, family relationships, art history and film.

(adapted from the gallery’s press materials)


Blue House Gallery
Main Street, Meenvane
Schull, County Cork, Ireland
+353 86 076 7970

Tuesday-Sunday, 11AM-5PM


Sisters of the Blood Moon: Watching Full Super Blue Moon
by Carol White
Courtesy of the artist and Blue House Gallery, Schull