Pretty and Incapable Creatures?

Gold and Black X by Syporca Whandal
11.5″x8″; analog collage; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.


Pretty and Incapable Creatures? Mary Wollstonecraft HOM AGE
Presentation of Alma’zine Issue 2 + Collage Exhibition

at ISBN Books + Gallery in Budapest, Hungary
17-31 January 2020
Opening Reception: 17 January, 7PM
Free Collage Workshop: 25 January, 2-6PM

In 1792, a piece of writing was drawn up, a pioneering work with a resounding response. It caricatured the notion that women were only pretty, incapable creatures. The author explained that, by proper education, women awaken to self-awareness and are able to use their intellectual capacity. She criticized the approach that women were perceived on the basis of stereotypes attached to them and not as people with equal rights. This work by Mary Wollstonecraft is almost unknown. This exhibition and a femi’zine presentation changes this.

Red Yarn by Ida Csapó CSI
11″x8″; analog collage; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.

Alma’zine is a collage-based femi’zine by artist Ida Csapó CSI and visual artist and performer Syporca Whandal. The second issue is dedicated to the memory of Mary Wollstonecraft. In the related exhibition, the artists reflect on her lifework and the relevance of her ideas today through analogue and digital collages, art books, video installations, mixed technique works and objects. Issue 2 of Alma’zine was released by SkhyzoKhyno Studio in 2019, on the 260th anniversary of Mary Wollstonecraft’s birth.

(text adapted from the curator’s press materials)


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