Résurgences/Reclaiming My Place

Nokomis Eva / Zigos Patty, Grandma Eva/ Auntie Patty, Whitefish Falls, Ontario by Cedar Eva
5″x7″; beads, photograph; 2018. Courtesy of the artist.


Résurgences/Reclaiming My Place

at the Centre d’exposition Lethbridge in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
1 April-30 May 2021

“Résurgences/Reclaiming My Place” presents the work of three women artists from the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) community: Sharon Norwood, Cedar Eve and Shanna Strauss. The exhibition is curated by Cécilia Bracmort.

Cedar Eve incorporates beadwork into her personal archives to honour her family members who have passed away. Sharon Norwood uses line in various mediums to transform our representations of race, gender and beauty. Through various techniques, Shanna Strauss uses found objects, a variety of print artwork as well as painting in order to present diasporic identity and belonging—two themes close to her heart. The practices of these three artists push the limits of representation and decompartmentalize the imaginary.

The Root of the Matter V by Sharon Norwood
19″x13″; digital collage; 2016. Courtesy of the artist.

Combining resistance with resilience, they reinterpret the messages of their ancestors to better convey them to future generations. Thus freed from the crushing Eurocentric gaze, Sharon Norwood, Cedar Eve and Shanna Strauss put the injustices of the past behind them and, in so doing, renew and ensure the continuity of their histories, like a river cleared of the dams that gradually resumes its course.

(Text adapted from materials submitted by the curator.)


Centre d’exposition Lethbridge
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Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4R 1T4 Canada
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Tuesday-Sunday, 11AM-5PM