Semblances of Place



Betsy Silverman in “Semblances of Place”
at Concord Center for the Visual Arts in Massachusetts
11 January-10 February 2018

Opening reception: Thursday, 11 January 2018, 6-8PM

Massachusetts artist Betsy Silverman creates intricate and vibrantly colourful Boston cityscapes and portraits of New England. Silverman’s images are formed entirely from precisely selected and cut pieces of recycled magazines. She chooses these pieces of paper not merely based upon their colours, but also for their text and visual content, creating layers of meaning and stories within stories: an interplay among the subjects of her artwork and the words and images forming them.

In order to achieve a striking sense of realism, Silverman cuts paper slivers with meticulous detail. Some are so small that they need to be applied with tweezers. Ultimately, Silverman’s technique fuses a painter’s perception of light and colour with an architect’s appreciation of form and space and tops it off with a sense of playfulness. Indeed, Silverman earned a degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. Thus, one finds Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots players, maps of Cape Cod, lobsters, and words and phrases evocative of Boston’s culture and history, throughout Silverman’s artworks.

(adapted from the artist’s press materials)


Concord Center for the Visual Arts
37 Lexington Road
Concord, Massachusetts 01742 USA
(978) 369-2578

Tuesday-Saturday, 10:30AM-4:30PM
Sunday, Noon-4PM


Crossing Downtown Crossing
by Betsy Silverman
Courtesy of the artist