Turning the Page

Let’s Talk About It by Joan Gleckler
12″x12″; collage.
Third Place Award. Courtesy of the artist.


Atlanta Collage Society: Turning the Page

Online only at the Johns Creek Arts Center in Johns Creek, Georgia, USA
3 April-30 May 2021

The title for this exhibit, “Turning the Page”, highlights the impact of newsprint in terms of content, imagery, and format.

Newspapers offer us many components: capsulized information, editorial viewpoints, memorable photos, graphic design, and mass marketing. Our challenge for this exhibit was to select from these elements to create a collage–to convert a functional medium into aesthetic components.

Calling Home by Ralph Dobbins
24″x24″ (4 12″x12″ panels); collage on board.
First Place Award. Courtesy of the artist.

To maximize the visual coherence and impact of the “Turning the Page” exhibit, the Atlanta Collage Society specified materials and dimensions for the submissions. The collage papers had to include original pieces and/or photocopies of commercial-grade newsprint; the size of the artwork had to conform to the dimensions of a folded newspaper. By setting parameters for materials and sizes, this special exhibit highlighted the creativity and individuality within our membership.

From minimalist style to manic expression, from spontaneity to deliberation–our artists represented an exciting range of stylistic and thematic choices. We enjoyed the fun opportunity that this exhibit presented: The challenge of conformity was also an opportunity for originality.

(text adapted from material provided by Ellen Kierr Stein)


Johns Creek Arts Center
Building 700
6290 Abbots Bridge Road
Johns Creek, Georgia 30097 USA
(770) 623-8448

This exhibition is online only. See it HERE.