Uncollaging New Orleans


Uncollage Tour of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Todd Bartel will lead a special tour of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art with an eye for examples of “Uncollage”. The subject of a series of articles appearing in Kolaj Magazine, “uncollage” is an art practice that masks an initial collage operation in favor of creating a seamless final image, through the act of painting, and beyond. Bartel, who coined the term, writes, “‘Uncollage’ may be a new word, but the idea of ‘uncollage’ has been in existence for well over a century and a half before the need for the word arose. Since the advent of photography, artists have explored many avenues of composite creativity including aleatoric practices, assemblage, bricolage, chiasmage, confrontage, crumblage, decalcomania, décollage, decoupage, digital collage, farrago, film, froissage, frottage, fumage, grattage, marouflage, montage, parsemage, prolage, reverse collage, rollage, and ventillage. Despite all these avenues of creative inquiry, certain practices have yet gone unnamed.” Bartel will focus on those artists on view at the Ogden Museum “whose respective painting processes are dependent upon collecting images and employing collage processes that are not always visibly evident in the final result of their paintings. Artists such as these, and many more, prompt us to expand the definition of collage and divide the term to attribute some of its wider, but as of yet unnamed applications.”

About Kolaj Fest New Orleans
Kolaj Fest New Orleans is a multi-day festival and symposium about contemporary collage and its role in art, culture, and society, July 10-14, 2019. Visit the website to learn more, see an overview of the program, and register to attend. Kolaj Fest New Orleans would not be possible without the support of Press Street, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, LeMieux Galleries, Mystic Krewe of Scissors and Glue, Antenna Gallery,
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About Todd Bartel
Todd Bartel is a collage-based artist. His work assumes assembled forms of painting, drawing and sculpture that examine the roles of landscape and nature in contemporary culture. Since 2002, Bartel has taught drawing, painting, sculpture, installation art and conceptual art at the Cambridge School of Weston, Weston, Massachusetts. He is the founder and the Director of the Cambridge School’s Thompson Gallery, a teaching gallery dedicated thematic inquiry, and “IS” (Installation Space), a proposal-based installation gallery. Bartel holds a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in painting from Carnegie Mellon University. Bartel’s Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory page has more information.

Images (top to bottom):

“Visual Vernacular” (installation view) at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Sublime Climate by Todd Bartel
13.25″x12.5″; puzzle-piece fit collage using only 19th century papers, end pages, book engravings, dictionary definitions, photo-transfers, yes glue, pencil, archival document repair tape, and Alfred DeCredico’s collage remnants; 2011