Dario Esposito

Ce Souvenir
11″x8″; magazines; 2015

Dario Esposito
Monterotondo, Lazio, Italy


My artwork is based on the principle of interaction. I make each collage with only magazines, scissors, glue and sometimes a light sketch. My creative sessions start with browsing magazines that allows me to enter an unconscious process of free association between each image. There are no rules, except for the growth of interactions. In fact, each image evolves and multiplies in my mind just by associating two elements from two different semantic or aesthetic galaxies. The energy is represented by the randomization and the recognition of the possible marriage between images evolving in metaphorical concepts.


Dario Esposito studies Psychology in France. In late 2016, he was part of an Erasmus Exchange in Wales. He loves to travel and to discover new (old) magazines from each country. He made his first collages when he left his home near Rome and brought some Italian magazines to France. The fusion between the different magazines he had accumulated started to take up much of his time and gave him much satisfaction. Esposito had his first exhibition in Rome in the summer of 2016. For Esposito, making collage represents an escape route from reality and he hopes he ever loses it.


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Deus ex Machina
8.7″x5″; magazines and sewing thread; 2016

Out of Sight
11″x8″; magazines; 2016

Stairs Are Falling Down
12.6″x8″; magazines; 2015

Trying to Focalize
9″x7.5″; magazines; 2015