Jenn Ruff

Blood Forest
15″x17″; hand-cut paper, leaves, feathers, pine cones, and stones assemblage in wooden and glass box; 2016

Jenn Ruff
Brooklyn, New York, USA


Collage is a religious practice wherein the material speaks and I listen. It’s about chance. It’s about seeing patterns and following signs. Part scavenger, part philosopher, part detective, I make hand-cut collages and assemblages out of everything around me. Collage helps me make sense of this over-saturated world whose stories are found in its remains. I mix old and new, astronomy, plants, film, the body; as well as found detritus (shells, rocks, feathers, trash). Collage is divination. I-ching. Everything is connected. Collage is a way of capturing that connection for a second, before it falls apart.


Jenn Ruff is an artist and film editor based in Brooklyn, New York. Ruff engages with her materials as instinctual ritual and believes that editing has the power to cast spells. Her work explores the alchemy that results from combining divergent shots, paper cut-outs, found objects and celluloid. Ruff has shown her videos and collages at Tracy Williams, I-20, Blum & Poe, Samson Projects and Taka Ishii in Tokyo, among others. She is an Assistant Arts Professor at New York University’s Tisch Graduate School of Film and has edited numerous independent films. Ruff was raised in the wilds of Colorado and New Mexico.


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Blue Ode
10″x13″; hand-cut paper, magazines; 2015

Companion Cell
17″x13″; hand-cut paper, 2 postcards from when the artist was 8 years old; 2014

We Are Sailing Now
11″x9″; hand-cut paper, magazines; 2015

Wild Women
17″x13″; hand-cut paper, leaves, acorns, shells, pine cones, blue jay feather assemblage; 2016