Janae Holland

The Sliding Elephant
10″x10″; mixed media; 2016

Janae Holland
Clinton, Indiana, USA


I prefer to work with a wood panel for substrate. Usually, I choose a 10″x10″ panel, but have been known to alter this to my material on hand. I have box-loads of graphics, images, phrases, letters, etc. that I use to adhere with the mix of good old Elmer’s + water to a pre-painted panel. The paints I use are acrylic and watercolour. As the image emerges, I continue to use what ever tools and material necessary to give it a gratifying finish. I am satisfied with the results when I can emotionally relate to what I see.


“Running with scissors” describes my obsession with the cut and paste process of collage art. Self-taught, I’m free to express my innate ability to build a composite using pieces from magazines, books, photographs, and then couple these with paints and/or inks. Sorry, no titles after my name or an illustrious career to tell of. Just the collage images or mixed media works I’ve thoroughly enjoyed assembling. I sincerely hope you enjoy them as well!


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Five Dancers
10″x10″; mixed media; 2016

The Joyous Farewell
10″x10″; mixed media; 2016

A View of the Town
10″x10″; mixed media; 2016

The Off Season
10″x10″; mixed media; 2016