Jen Broemel

All Things Said and Done
20″x18″; collaged quilt fragments; 2020

Jen Broemel
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


My works are intuitively stitched, vibrantly colored, and geometrically abstracted paintings with cloth and thread. I am drawn to cloth for its material tactility, and responsiveness. I am interested in repurposing cloth for its history, abundance, and availability. I see it as a collaboration of sorts. I am captivated with the process, the way in which the materials layer. The way they feel as they are worked. The way the overlapping coats of colored cloth and thread mix and blend, transforming, and guiding the work, adding texture, contrast, and comfort with every stitch.

I love exploring and experimenting with the different ways to manipulate the cloth with the thread, putting together and cutting apart, constructing, and reconstructing, a cycle that for me symbolizes the happenstance of life.

My intention is to inspire others to look at the world around them more carefully, more mindfully, to see the extraordinary in the discarded, to notice the beauty in the mundane. And if they can’t see it, to show them it is possible to look inward and to see things in a new and different way. It is possible to find and share the beauty you hold inside. How we see the world, and what we share shapes our lives, our relationships, our actions. Let us notice and share the miracles of our every day, every stitch. . .EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.


Jen Broemel (American b. 1971, Indianapolis, IN) is a fiber artist, soft sculptor and designer. Jen worked as an architect in Indianapolis until her third child was born, after which she began to focus on her studio practice. Broemel has had solo exhibitions at the Indianapolis Art Center and Methodist Rotating Gallery. Group exhibitions include shows at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, and Carnegie Center for Art & History, and many galleries and cultural centers around the U.S. She has created murals and other public works for the High Art Billboard Project, The Indianapolis International Airport, and The Arts Council of Indianapolis’ Indy Art and Seek Project. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Science from Ball State University. Broemel lives with her husband and three children in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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Building Blue
12″x7″; collaged quilt fragments; 2021
Coming Together or Falling Apart
9″x5.5″; collaged quilt fragments; 2021
Waste Not Want Not #8
10″x8″; collaged quilt fragments; 2021
Waste Not Want Not #10
10″x8″; collaged quilt fragments; 2021