Jennie Mejan

Miles to go
15″x11″; vintage magazine papers; 2021

Jennie Mejan
Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA


My work predominantly features women who evoke longing and wistfulness. The subjects are often placed against backdrops just outside reality to assert imagination’s role in life. To me, these works reflect the discomfort of isolation and how your self-concept can be a trap. They’re also about a desire to show your colors, be known and understood. Making and sharing these images has had incredible value for me. I love how art allows you to skip the small talk and go straight to the depths with the viewer.

It is my goal to bring a sense of honesty and vulnerability to each collage. It is important to me that I’ve injected them with something beyond aesthetics to offer the viewer. I know a piece is finished because there is a resonance and I often get a little lost in it, reading it and getting pleasure from what it can now say on its own.


Jennie Mejan is a self-taught analog and digital collage artist from North Carolina, USA. Her collage work is a culmination of skills from previous forays into poetry, photography, and graphic design. Her work has been shown at Camino in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and chosen for print publication in both Surrealist Dreams by the Museum of New Zealand’s Te Papa Tongarewa and Italian Collagists Collective’s Empathy Open Call. It was also chosen for Antifash, Eje Central (Mexico). Interviews at (January 2022) and (November 2021).


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10″x5″; vintage papers; 2021
Garden of Errors
12″x14″; vintage magazine papers; 2021
10″x10″; digital collage
looking to the next stars
9″x8″; vintage magazine papers