Collage Magic

Collage Magic

by Emma Anna

Part autobiography, part fantasy, Emma Anna’s vision of The New Old World (aka The NOW) fuses vintage ephemera with modern imaging technologies. Emma shapes this strange world by using the pen tool from Adobe Photoshop as her magic wand, in the process declaring herself to be a “collage magician”.

The magical and the mystical world are constant references in this collection of Emma’s recent digital collages. Each work seems to evoke
a kind of magic realism and to promote the idea that anything is possible given an open mind and a splash of vivid imagination.

Via an illustrated essay Emma outlines the role of magic in her collage and public artwork of the past decade including an introduction to the sigil making technique of chaos magic. These ideas, combined with current movements and the traditions of analog and digital collage, are proposed as the powerful and potent seeds for a future collage magic manifesto, and a social revolution. Escape from the rat race. Say goodbye to the “bored” room. Enter a twisted wonderland. All aboard!

(text adapted from the author’s press materials)

Trippy by Emma Anna
dimensions variable; digital collage; 2019. Courtesy of the artist.


Emma Anna originally studied print journalism and international politics at university, graduating with a degree in Mass Communications. She graduated with a Master’s in Public Art. She now lives and works in Barranquilla, Colombia, where she and her partner operate an independent creative space, La Casa Verde. Among her awards is the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture’s Public Artwork Design Concept Prize for a project proposal called The Elocwean Rainbow. In September 2019, her public artwork, Sol Yantra, was selected for the 45th National Salon of Artists of Colombia in Bogota. In November-December 2019, she curated “Los Elementos” at La Casa Verde. Emma Anna was the World Collage Day 2020 Poster Artist and was featured on the cover of the World Collage Day 2020 Special Edition. Learn more about the artist on the Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory page and at


Collage Magic
by Emma Anna
9″x6″; softcover
60 pages
$15 USD
La Casa Verde Editions, Barranquilla, Colombia, 2020

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