by John Hundt

Implications, published by Ampersand, is a collection of works on paper by San Francisco-based collage artist and painter, John Hundt. Ampersand said, “His art draws upon found fragments from the lives of persons unknown, such as scribbled notes, journal entries, personalized recipes, sketched drawings & stained ticket stubs. To this he adds his own hand-drawn, painted and collaged images to create story lines filled with dark humour, absurdity and insight.”

Cory W. Peeke reviewed the book in Kolaj #2.

Peeke wrote in his review:

“Many of Hundt’s works are a clever combination of figurative, religious and mechanical imagery. These juxtapositions, which often feature vintage imagery of women’s stockinged legs, are some of the best of Hundt’s work and certainly the strongest in the book. They are at once humorous but also engaging on a level beyond a one-liner.”

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by John Hundt
7”x5”, 80 pages
36 colour illustrations, perfect-bound soft cover
$25.00 USD
Ampersand, Portland, Oregon, 2012

Purchase the book directly from Ampersand: HERE.