O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica

O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica

edited by Michael Duncan

Published in 2012 by Siglio, O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica provides readers with unique insight into the work of the somewhat obscure, highly productive and witty artist, Jess (1923-2004).

Siglio writes, “The inventive and sophisticated master of the collage aesthetic, the artist Jess intermingles and juxtaposes images from wildly eclectic sources (Dick Tracy, Dürer, 19th century Scientific American line engravings, Beatles bubblegum cards, beefcake photos from Physique Pictorial, etc.) in order to re-assemble the meanings of our time…This volume brings to light paste-ups, word collages, and altered comics that have been largely inaccessible or unavailable since their making.”

Cory W. Peeke reviewed O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica in Kolaj #5. Purchase Kolaj #5.

O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica
Edited by Michael Duncan
92 colour and 58 black-and-white illustrations
10”x8.25”, 192 pages, $47.50 US
ISBN: 978-1-938221-00-2
Siglio, Catskill, New York, 2012


Cover Image (above):
copyrighted by the Jess Collins Trust and published in O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica, edited by Michael Duncan, Siglio, 2012.