The Age of Collage 3

The Age of Collage 3: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art
cover image. copyright Gestalten 2020

The Age of Collage 3: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art

edited by Dennis Busch & Francesca Gavin

Published by gestalten in 2020, The Age of Collage 3 is a follow-up to gestalten’s The Age of Collage, published in 2013 (reviewed in Kolaj 7), and The Age of Collage 2, published in 2016 (discussed in Kolaj 15).

In a News & Notes item in Kolaj 31, we wrote:

In this manifestation, The Age of Collage Volume One and Two editor Dennis Busch has teamed up with London-based writer, curator, and editor Francesca Gavin, who wrote all of the text in 2020 during COVID lockdown. gestalten writes about the book, “In our present The Age of Collage 3, the simple act of mixing together different elements allows us to question our reality and make new worlds. The Age of Collage 3 showcases a new crop of artistic vanguards advancing the medium’s possibilities, piece-by-piece. Equipped with a craft knife, paintbrush, stylus, scissors, or tablet, a collage artist’s toolkit is as varied as their creations and this book brings their work back to the paper page.” Those who have been collecting the series will see some familiar names, like James Gallagher, Charles Wilkin, Lola Dupré, Max-O-Matic, Beth Hoeckel, and Peter Horvath, who appeared in previous editions, and some new names among the sixty-five artists featured.


Collages by Midori (pages 40-41) from The Age of Collage 3: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art. copyright Gestalten 2020

The Age of Collage 3
Edited by Dennis Busch and Francesca Gavin
full color, hard cover
11.8”x9.4”, 320 pages, $60 US/€39.90 (Germany)/£35
ISBN: 978-3-89955-110-5
gestalten, Berlin, Germany, 2020

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