The Collage Workbook

The Collage Workbook

by Randel Plowman

Lark Crafts published The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman, the creator of “A Collage a Day Blog”. Lark Crafts says about the book, “Both a popular hobby and a recognized art form, collage encompasses a wide range of creative styles and techniques…Offering step-by-step instruction, visual inspiration, and even a library of copyright-free images, this hands-on guide covers all the necessary materials, tools, and know-how, from adding colour and transferring images, to décollage (tearing away layers). And to spark the reader’s imagination, there are 52 creativity prompts, such as a collage using the letters of a single word.”

Benoit Depelteau reviewed the book in Kolaj #4.

Depelteau wrote in his review:

“But what makes this book stand out of the crowd is its section of creativity exercises in which the author demonstrates varied ways to use themes, materials or formal elements or as possible starting points for creation. Illustrated by Plowman’s work over the course of his A Collage A Day adventure, these fifty exercises are simple, fun and useful for beginners and collage aficionados.”

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The Collage Workbook
by Randel Plowman
9″x9”, 132 pages
ISBN: 9781454701996
$17.95 US/$20.95 CA
Lark Crafts, New York, 2012