Anarcho-Capitalism In Fragments


Julia Arredondo’s Self-Assembled Collage Packs

Julia Arredondo is a force. Her practice is a stream of anarcho-capitalism mixed with poetry, ‘zine making, Latin American folk healing, conceptual commercialism, punk, botanica, and Avon sales. Her projects have various names: In 2011, she started Vice Versa Press “as a zine publishing entity, which eventually transformed into the budding lifestyle brand…created as an outlet to distribute affordable alternative goods.” In 2016, she created the web bodega Curandera Press “that produces/sells goods inspired by folk empowerment practices and contemporary Curanderisma.” In 2018, as Cop Charmer, she launched a “Violently femme. Aggressively beautiful.” Avon sales page that features the make-up scene from Edward Scissorhands as inspiration. Among her various art products are “Don’t Text Him” coasters, money noose stickers, and a Fuckboy Compensation Invoice which is described as “a humorous-yet-practical invoice to send bum lovers for treating you or your loved ones inappropriately.”

For Kolaj #24, we interviewed Arredondo about her Self-Assemble Collage Packs, which she described as “packages of ephemeral loose ends that can either be activated as activity packs or as stand-alone art pieces…Having worked 10+ years in the retail industry, I found that packaging and merchandising practices found their way into my creative practice. I don’t work as much within the gallery system as I do with the average consumer.”

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The practice of collage runs deeper for me than just through visual art. I mean, essentially we as human beings are living collages of experiences and memories.

This article appeared in Kolaj #24. To see the entire issue, SUBSCRIBE to Kolaj Magazine or Get a Copy of the Issue.

Julia Arredondo is an an artist, writer and budding entrepreneur. She is pursuing an MFA at Columbia College Chicago. In her two businesses, Vice Versa Press and Curandera Press, she explores explore marketing, consumer psychology and art-based design through the production of multiples. Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Arredondo lives and works in Chicago. Visit to find out more.