Artists Who Make Books


A review of a new book about artists who make books

Nothing feels more meta than a book about books, but that is very much what Artists Who Make Books is all about, sort of. In classic Phaidon fashion, the oversized coffee table book marries copious illustrations with critical texts. The focus is on thirty-two “prominent, international artists…who have continuously produced books as part of their broader creative practice.” For the collage enthusiast, Artists Who Make Books offers a number of opportunities to see how artists are incorporating the medium into their practice. A review of the book appears in Kolaj #22.

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Artists Who Make Books
by Andrew Roth, Philip E. Aarons, and Claire Lehmann
12”x10”; 336 pages
hardback; 520 colour & black-and-white illustrations
$125 US/$175 Canada
ISBN: 978-0-7148-7264-3
New York, New York, USA

Image (top):
Artists Who Make Books
pages 20-21
Courtesy of Phaidon, New York