Book Review: Cut Out for Collage


Cut Out for Collage
from Index Book

review by Cory Peeke

In Issue 10 of Kolaj, Cory Peeke reviewed Cut Out for Collage from the Spanish publisher, Index Book.


Peeke writes:

The book is dominated by images, there is very little text. This is actually rather refreshing. Cut Out for Collage doesn’t rely on a theoretical text in order to justify the work presented. The book, like a good exhibition lets the images dominate the dialogue. The writing that is included is brief and to the point. It includes a three-sentence “about this book” introduction as well one to four sentence statements about each individual artist’s work. These short statements give the reader just enough context to better understand each artists’ intent and the collection as a whole.

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Cut Out for Collage
by Index Book (concept and design by Federica Sala)
9.4″x7.5″, 180 pages, 30€
ISBN: 978-84-15308-68-3
Index Book, Barcelona