Ford sells cars with collage: Jesse Collette

Dawn by Jesse Collette

Ford Canada used a novel sales technique to pitch the 2014 Fiesta to riders on Montreal’s Metro. They presented the work of nine local artists in rotating shows in Metro stations in May and June 2013. Among the artists was multi-disciplinary artist Jesse Collette, whose collage diptych, Dawn and Dusk, tells the love story of two travelers who haven’t yet met. Normally, Collette uses found images in his collage, but for this project, he used image transfer which allowed him to increase the size of the work and make the presentation pop (the images were presented back-lit in the stations’ existing advertising vitrines). The originals of work on display will be sold during a silent auction and Ford Canada will return all the proceeds to Quebec’s arts community.

For more information about Ford’s campaign, “9artistes”, visit Ford Canada’s French-language blog. Find out more about Jesse Collette at his website.

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by Jesse Collette
Courtesy of the artist