Images Are Like Actors

Ave Eva by Dixon Adair
40”x32”; paper on foam board; 2016. Courtesy of the artist.


The Collage of Dixon Adair, in his own words

While raising a family and engaged in an eclectic career that took him around the world, Dixon Adair amassed a collection of images and second-hand illustrated books, which he “safeguarded for the day when stretches of time would allow me to mine them for jewels I could play with, orchestrating them into ideas and themes.” That day has come and the prolific Atlanta, Georgia artists has produced a remarkable body of work. In Kolaj 35, Adair discussed his inspirations, materials, and process and his long history of making collage and how he thinks about the fragments he chooses.

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Cosmoctopus by Dixon Adair
24”x36”; paper on foamboard; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

“It always astounds me to see unrelated images unite in a shared purpose to call the viewer to ponder and contemplate beyond the individual images.”

Dixon Adair is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, where he still lives and works. As a child, he lived with his parents and sister in South America and Europe and traveled widely. As an adult, Adair lived in New Zealand, China, Europe, and East Africa before returning to the U.S. to raise a family. The artist has been making collage since the 1990s. A portfolio of his work is on his website