Little Stories To Tell

The Flightless Birds by Julie Liger-Belair
(30″x40″; collage/painting on birch cradle board). Courtesy of the artist.


Julie Liger-Belair
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Fairy tales, legends, dreams and the surreal worlds they evoke have always been a part of the human experience; a way to make sense of our surroundings and explain our fears,” writes Julie Liger-Belair. “As a child, these captured my imagination, weaving themselves into the fabric of my personality. Because of this, I am today a collector at heart, constantly collecting fragments of ideas and objects, each with their own little stories to tell. By combining them in different ways in my pieces, they form new narratives and meanings.” A portfolio of her work appears in Kolaj 26.

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Parts (detail) by Julie Liger-Belair
(24″x40″ (8 12″x10″ panels); collage/painting on birch cradle board). Courtesy of the artist.

Julie Liger-Belair lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. She studied printmaking, photography, illustration and metalsmithing at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has participated in many solo and group shows in Canada, the USA and Europe. Her work has been included in several art books, magazine articles and literary publications, as well as being used on book covers and commissioned for posters. She works in her garage studio where she sometimes allows her husband, three kids and little black dog, Frida, to visit. See more of her work on her Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory Page and at