Modern-Day Witch of L.A.


In Issue 8 of Kolaj Magazine, Ariane Fairlie profiled musician, video artist, performance artist, costume designer and, of course, collage artist Marnie Weber.

Ariane Fairlie writes:

Weber’s engagement with collage coincided with her career in the alternative rock scene, performing with The Party Boys and Perfect Me in the 80’s and afterwards making two solo albums: Woman with Bass (1994) and Cry for Happy (1996). She began her collage practice by creating a limited edition of 100 handmade collages, distributed on one side of her LP album covers. She says the experience was like a boot camp to understand collage. Since then, she has created album covers and promotional posters for many musical acts, most notably the cover for Sonic Youth’s A Thousand Leaves.


Themes of containment and the awareness of an exterior force are present in all of Weber’s work. She sets her compositions up as a stage, and the viewer is always conscious that someone outside of the scene is pulling the strings.

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Pink Sofa (from “The Getty Series”)
by Marnie Weber
photographic collage
Courtesy of the artist