Advertising and the Predator

Peril by Nadine Boughton


Nadine Boughton on the cover of Kolaj #4

With a background in psychology, Nadine Boughton is always interested in what lies beneath appearances. She says, “The predator theme so present in the ‘true’ adventures led me to explore ‘who’ or ‘what’ is breaking through. Whether the metaphor is that of bats or whales, this ‘other’ carries not only our deepest fears but our deepest desires. We meet ourselves.” Nadine Boughton lives and works in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA, where she teaches photography, collage, and creative writing. Boughton’s collage Ravished was featured on the cover of Kolaj issue four. You can find out more at her website.

Boughton’s portfolio appears in Issue Four where Ariane Fairlie writes,

What is so striking about Nadine Boughton’s collage work is the way in which her imagery fits so seamlessly together. “True Adventures in Better Homes” is an accumulation of 1950’s era magazines; a comparison between men’s sexualized adventure fantasies and idealized home décor tailored to women. Boughton cites advertising, sexual repression, and war as the presiding factors that influenced the creation of her source imagery.

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by Nadine Boughton
dimensions variable by edition
archival pigment print