Return of the Son of the Cardboard Jungle


Return of the Son of the Cardboard Jungle

Collage artist RR Vagnini has been creating analogue collages since 1980. His series, “The Cardboard Jungle”, includes over 1700 collages and has resulted in three self-published books, The Cardboard Jungle (1989-1996), The Son of the Cardboard Jungle (1999-2004), and The Return of the Son of the Cardboard Jungle (2011-2014). The works are made with cardboard, newsprint, “found” objects, etc. and were initially made as private experiments in technique and expression. The subjects of the works range from portraits of celebrities and musicians to comments on politics and society and “a fearful look at the dark underside of modern life”. Originally from Europe and educated there and in Virginia, Vagnini now resides in Carmel, California, where he spends six months of the year creating collages and six months focused on abstract painting. He exhibits infrequently, but his work has been shown across the United States and is held in several private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe. All three volumes of “The Cardboard Jungle” are available from the artist, as well as a recently-published survey of his work across several genres, including collage, called The Great Unknown. Find out more at his website.

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(top, left and right)
1023. Soup Planets A and 1024. Soup Planets B
from The Return of the Son of the Cardboard Jungle
by R. R. Vagnini
each 14″x10″

Cyber Sister
by R. R. Vagnini