Still Life in Resin: Jessica Korderas

Kolaj Magazine Associate Editor Ariane Fairlie profiles Canadian artist Jessica Korderas, who plays with the idea of togetherness versus seclusion in her collages in resin:

Korderas is detail oriented, which is essential to her pieces. She works with meticulously poured acrylic resin blocks, building up layers with intricate drawings on Mylar. Some are backed with Masonite, others can be approached from 360 degrees. The viewer is required to examine the work on an intimate level, drawn in by a desire to absorb all of the detail but also driven by a certain amount of frustration due to the inherent inaccessibility of the media. The scene is isolated within the resin, and the viewer isolated from the characters within, mirroring Korderas’ own experiences and feelings.

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The Sweet Life (detail)
by Jessica Korderas
acrylic resin, mixed media