The Child in Collage


Exhibition In Print
The Child in Collage
Curated by Ric Kasini Kadour

Each issue of Kolaj contains an Exhibition-in-Print where we explore critical ideas about collage. We examine work related to a curatorial premise, identify themes and ideas. The purpose is to develop and share an understanding of collage as a medium and a genre.

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In Kolaj #14, The Child in Collage examines a number of examples of the portrayal of the child in collage. Because of the nature of the medium, the portrayal of the child in collage is a dialogue between the artist and their source material. In viewing these collages, we must also be aware of our own differing cultural ideas about children. These factors come together to make for a rich and edifying exploration of visual language.

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Image (top):
Cercle by Mathieu Bories
9.8″x9.8″; collage, acrylic, ink and transfer on paper; 2014

Image (centre):
Luxury Homes of Tomorrow by James Springall
12″x11″; collage on paper; 2015