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Spotlight on Collage Trading Card Artist Ryan Seaman

Ryan Seaman studied design at The Art Institute of California in San Diego. “I began making collages to get away from the computer and for the chance to think in different ways. The whole process takes my mind on a walk and is relaxing. I like that other people can look at my work and find their own meaning, I don’t need to tell a story every time.”

Seaman’s collage, #43, is featured in Collage Artist Trading Cards Pack 8.

Packs of Collage Artist Trading Cards are a tool for discovering contemporary, fine art collage. Each card is a full colour, 5.5” x 3.5” postcard with rounded corners. An example of an artist’s work is on the front of the card and the artist’s public contact information is on the back.

We asked Seaman some questions about his work.

How do you describe yourself?

My name is Ryan and I’m currently a designer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I spent sixteen years living in beautiful San Diego, but felt the need to come back and be near family. I would describe myself as a humble, honest, curious creative person who likes art, sports and hanging out with my dog, Lucy.

Can you explain the idea behind #43?

Honestly, there wasn’t a clear idea behind #43. The name comes from the fact that this piece was my 43rd collage piece I’ve created. I’ve surpassed a few hundred by now, but decided it would be better for me to name them by number. A lot of times, I’m looking to create a visual harmony between colour, shape and composition. It takes a while for this to happen and when its done, I know immediately by just looking at it and being satisfied. I like that other people can look at my work and find their own meaning, I don’t need to tell a story every time.

How do you make this work?

I mainly work with various publications, glue sticks, X-ACTO knives, India ink, paint, and odd surfaces like wood or discarded material. I’m aiming for a visual harmony with type, image, colour, texture and shape.

Why do you make collage?

I work on computers all day as a designer and sometimes at night, working on my new brand MNTD Goods. I started making these collages to get off of the computer and create something by hand. I started enjoying how they were coming out and decided to keep making more. I also discovered other people who do this type of work and it inspired me. I wanted to be part of this community.

What are you working on these days?

I keep making collages and am trying to make them in a bigger format. I’m also working hard on a small apparel company called MNTD Goods.


One can see more of Seaman’s work at

Images: (top to bottom)
#23 (12″x9″; brown cover stock 110lb paper, glue, paper)
#43 (13″x9″; gun metal gray 100lb paper, glue, paper; 2016)
#35 (12″x9″; navy blue cover 90lb paper, glue, paper)