Catalogue Review: CUTPASTE 2

In Issue 12 of Kolaj Magazine, Ric Kasini Kadour reviewed CUTPASTE 2, an artist catalogue organized by Michael Ziobrowski and Justin Angelos that surveys some of today’s best collage. CUTPASTE 2 accompanied an exhibition at F+ Gallery in Santa Ana, California in September 2014 and features the work of Justin Angelos, Jordan Clark, Zach Collins, Emily Hoy, Fred Litch, Dirty Merlin, Bill Zindel, and Michael Ziobrowski.

Kadour writes:

While its minimal text means that the catalogue is missing Ziobrowski and Angelos’ curatorial insights on the artists they selected for the exhibition, CUTPASTE 2 stands as a remarkable survey of some of the best collage being done at the moment. And while the inclusions of the curator’s own work in an exhibition and catalogue may rankle some purists who frown on such overt nepotism, Ziobrowski and Angelos’ own work fits perfectly into the selection. Laced with hot pink and aqua trapezoids, Ziobrowski’s collage, Raw Kane, has an 80’s-retro vibe that is a refreshing change from the earlier vintage-material sourced collages that dominate the medium at the moment. Angelos’ collage Mystic is rich in electric orange and yellow zig-zags composed in an explosive manner above a collection of Native American figures.

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curated by Michael Ziobrowski and Justin Angelos
8″x8″, 44 pages, $25
Michael Ziobrowski, publisher, Santa Ana, California
Available at F+ Gallery’s website: HERE