Unfamiliar Vegetables


Unfamiliar Vegetables: Variations in Collage

by Kolaj Institute, 2020

Kolaj Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Unfamiliar Vegetables: Variations in Collage.

Unfamiliar Vegetables is a collection of collage where each of the fifty artists interpreted, in their own way, Carlotta Bonnecaze’s 1892 Carnival float design Familiar Vegetables. Artists from North America, Europe, and Latin America responded to a call from the Mystic Krewe of Scissors & Glue. Individually, the collages reflect the work of independent artists and show a variety of approaches to appropriation or intervention. Collectively, the book offers many opportunities to consider collage as a medium, genre, and community. Project organizer Christopher Kurts observed, “Unfamiliar Vegetables is an experiment in controlled chaos….tiny variations within each artist’s creative sphere accumulate until the outcomes are as unique as the people creating them.”


The Journey of Seeds by Kerith Lisi
(7.5″x8″; bookcloth, thread, paper, adhesive; 2019)

Unfamiliar Vegetables is made possible through the support of the Silver Scissors & Golden Glue Societies. Members of these groups make a monthly pledge to support Kolaj Institute’s residencies, fellowships, publications, and traveling programs. In return they receive a publication in the mail each month. Current members of the Silver Scissors & Golden Glue Societies and those who join before December 31st will automatically receive a copy of the book in the mail. And they will support Kolaj Institute’s ongoing effort to support artists, curators, and writers who seek to study, document, & disseminate ideas that deepen our understanding of collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a 21st century movement.


Details: 52 pages | 11.5″x8″ | saddle-stitched | 2020 | ISBN 978-1-927587-51-5

The Directory will ship to purchasers and members of the Golden Glue and Silver Scissors Societies the week of December 9th, 2020.