A Geometry of Hours

Timepiece (Geometry of Hours) by Jacqueline Dee Parker
20″ diameter; vintage paper and acrylic on wood panel. Courtesy of the artist.


Jacqueline Dee Parker: A Geometry of Hours

at Isabella Valise/Devin Borden in Houston, Texas, USA
6 April-30 June 2024

“A Geometry of Hours” includes two installations of Jacqueline Dee Parker’s work: “An Ars Poetica”, on view 6-30 April 2024, and “Open House in the Memory Palace”, on view from 6 April-30 June 2024.

“An Ars Poetica”
Over 2000 years ago the Roman poet Horace wrote a 476 line poem, a treatise on the art of poetry, titled “Ars Poetica”. Since then, countless other poets have reflected on the art of poetry and the call to write, composing ars poetica poems that dispatch ideas about discipline, process, craft, the value of art, and the power of language. Jacqueline Dee Parker chose to borrow this literary term for an ongoing series of small works because these intimate pieces are daily devotions—perhaps visual poems–that embody the essential rituals, materials, and concerns that govern her own creative practice.

Pawn Promotion by Jacqueline Dee Parker
20″x20″; vintage paper, silk, and acrylic on linen. Courtesy of the artist.

“Open House in the Memory Palace”
Building a memory palace is a way of recalling what one wishes not to forget. In the context of Parker’s work, it serves as a metaphor for interrogation of remembered spaces. As Gaston Bachelard explains in The Poetics of Space, an inhabited space transcends its geometrical constraints, becoming a container in which past, present and future may collectively reside. Such an inclusive and emotional sense of space has long informed her practice. Source materials include antique and vintage papers from music, literature and other ephemera. These chosen fragments of lived experience reference a personal lineage as well as her esteem for the analog culture that is rapidly dematerializing from all human life.

(text adapted from materials provided by the gallery)


Isabella Valise/Devon Borden
3913 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002 USA
(713) 256-0225

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