work by Jean Hess in “Aboutness” at Covenant College
Courtesy of the artist.


Jean Hess: Aboutness

at the Kresge Memorial Library Gallery at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA
8 September-8 October 2021

Jean Hess‘ “Aboutness” includes collage paintings that combine found-paper ephemera, paint, resins and pencil as well as hand-stitched collages of antique textiles. Although Hess works with certain themes in mind, these collages are not meant to tell a story. Hess prefers to concentrate on focused process and energy expenditure to achieve work that is deep or salient rather than topical.

The exhibition is the culmination of a fifteen-year conversation between the artist and artist-curator Jeffery Morton that hinges on the idea that art and life cannot be separated. Morton writes, “From macro images of space and celestial bodies to microforms of minute hand-sewn threads, Hess’ work suggests that artworks move beyond the self to a larger vision of the world.”

(text adapted from materials provided by the artist and curator Jeffrey Morton)


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