Chuck Scalin: Vintage & New

Random X by Chuck Scalin
mixed-media assemblage with kiln-fired clay, graphite, rusted metal, wood and scrap grid screen. Courtesy of the artist.


Chuck Scalin: Vintage & New Artworks

at the Boyd Realty Group in Richmond, Virginia, USA
25 August-16 September 2023

Chuck Scalin presents more than 50 collage and assemblage works made in 2007 through 2023.

The artist writes about the work:

I’m a gleaner and a collector. I search and gather both found materials and visual information from the cities I visit and incorporate them into my work. I find, recycle, reuse, reclaim…and I make. 

Throughout my artistic career the urban landscape has been and continues to be a source of inspiration for me. This unending offering of found detritus, textures and color have all become part of my visual vocabulary. Through this process I’ve learned to appreciate the inherent beauty found in the ordinary and the ephemeral.

Tome by Chuck Scalin
mixed-media collage with oil stick, vintage paper, glass, metal and graphite. Courtesy of the artist.

I’m currently a Professor Emeritus from the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and received a BFA degree from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and an MFA degree from Pratt Institute in New York.

I was fortunate to have studied with 3 gifted instructors: Roland Ginzel, Kenneth Josephson and also collage artists Robert Nickle, whose work has been an inspiration to me for over 50 years. All three instructors were practicing artists and trained at the New Bauhaus at IIT in Chicago. This profound educational experience played a crucial role in my development as a professional artist whose voices still resonate through my work. 

My work has been exhibited in 30+ solo exhibitions and in over 300 juried and invitational exhibitions both in the US and abroad. I’ve also been awarded seven residencies at the Cité International des Arts in Paris, France. I was also honored to be included in several Micro Galleries international festivals in Jakarta, Indonesia; Cape Town, South Africa; Norway, Australia, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Denpasar, Bali.

(text adapted from material provided by the artist)


Boyd Realty Group
6748 Forest Hill Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23225 USA
(804) 562-1978

Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM
Sunday-Monday, by appointment