Collage the Planet: Environmentalism in Art


Collage the Planet: Environmentalism in Art

at Kolaj Institute Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
19 April to 26 May 2024

The health and wellbeing of our planet is a primary concern of a majority of adults1 in the United States and yet the complex social, political, and economic dynamics that shape our discourse around the environment can leave one feeling confused and powerless. How do we sort through such complexity and develop an understanding for ourselves of what an ethical and healthy relationship with the natural world could be? What is the relationship between our individual choices and the systemic change needed to bring humanity’s relationship with the natural world into harmony? How do we move beyond rhetoric, cliche, and performative actions and towards meaningful change?

The premise of the exhibition “Collage the Planet: Environmentalism in Art” is that science has the capacity to tell us how to care for the planet, but those solutions are meaningless if humanity doesn’t care enough to evolve and change. Art is a unique technology that can distill complexity into simple human gestures that, when experienced, facilitate a deeper understanding of our world. The exhibition shows examples of artwork that speaks to environmental issues and offers us an opportunity to intellectually and emotionally foster a healthy relationship with the natural world.

Artworks from invited artists will be joined by collage made during the Collage the Planet: Environmentalism in Art Artist Residency where artists from across North America spend five days in New Orleans exploring how they adapt their artist practice to speak to the complexities of environmental issues and contribute to a broader dialogue on sustainability and ecological consciousness.

The exhibition coincides with The Recycle Challenge Parade and Festival. In celebration of Earth Day, the four-day festival presents workshops, activities, live music, food, interactive exhibits, and two walking parades “that highlight the creativity and dedication of local businesses and residents when it comes to recycling and taking care of our planet.” The public is invited to participate in a walking parade on Saturday, 20 April that traverses through the Marigny, St. Roch, and French Quarter neighborhoods. On Sunday, 21 April, Kolaj Institute’s Studio and Gallery will be open to the public as part of the festival taking place in the neighborhood. 

The exhibition and artist residency, “Collage the Planet: Environmentalism in Art” is part of Kolaj Institute’s project, Politics in Collage, a series of residencies, publications, discussions, and exhibitions examining complex socio-political issues that contemporary society is contending with, in order to spark meaningful dialogue and inspire deeper engagement.

The exhibition is curated by Ric Kasini Kadour, a 2021 Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Curatorial Fellow, writer, artist, publisher, and cultural worker. This exhibition represents the twentieth exhibition he has curated since 2017 at museums, galleries and other venues in Ireland, Louisiana, Scotland, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Kadour is also the co-founder, editor and publisher of Kolaj Magazine. He maintains an active art practice and his photography, collage, and sculpture have been exhibited in and are part of private collections in Australia, Europe and North America.


Kolaj Institute Gallery
Suite 230
2374 Saint Claude Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117 USA

as of 9 March 2024
Thursday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM


  1. “a majority of U.S. adults (54%) describe climate change as a major threat to the country’s well-being.” ↩︎