Collaging The Betsy

A Bargain with Chaos by Paul Loughney
14″x14″x0.875″; collage mounted on panel; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.


Paul Loughney: Recent Collages

in The Boardroom at The Betsy Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, USA
7 December 2023-31 October 2024

Paul Loughney writes about the work on display at The Betsy:

I approach making collages in an intuitive process, attempting to make images a bit like visual hallucinations, a kind of delirium, all the while pursuing that intimate space between viewer and image and creating an experience that rewards slow looking. My process includes collage, drawing, frottage, and appropriation. My recent series of collages exists in the space between abstraction and figuration, anthropology, and storytelling: where belief mingles with magical thinking.

Critical Mass by Paul Loughney
24″x24″x0.825″; collage mounted on panel; 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

I am a contemporary artist exploring collage while reinterpreting traditional formats of portrait, landscape and still life. I’ve discovered the language of collage to be open and fluid and allows me to be a storyteller to reframe and recontextualize the world and events through a lens of poetic amalgamations. Visual ambiguity has been a part of my artistic vocabulary for years. Creating shapes and symbols that are familiar, yet unrecognizable, creates tension and mystery that is exciting to me as an artist.

(text provided by the artist)


The Boardroom
The Betsy Hotel

1440 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33139 USA
(305) 760-6904

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