En bonne compagnie

Nic Dances by Jackson Slattery
72″x96″; oil on canvas; 2020
Courtesy of the artist.


En bonne compagnie (In good company)

at Bradley Ertaskiran in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
11 July-22 August 2020

“En bonne compagnie” is a group exhibition that focuses on cooperation and community. A broad range of artists will exhibit and in turn extend an invitation to another artist whose work speaks to them. After a period of isolation and ongoing distance, the exhibition was developed around invitations that will offer a sense of closeness that has been missing over these past few months.

Rasa by Janet Werner
65″x61″; oil on canvas; 2020
Courtesy of the artist.

This exhibition features works from artists who are either currently based in and around Montreal, or have an ongoing relationship with the city, including Vikky Alexander, Jacques Bellavance, Mathieu Beauséjour, Kyle Alden Martens, BGL, Wolfe Girardin Jodoin, Pierre Dorion, Claude Tousignant, Jérôme Havre, Kimura Byol-Nathalie Lemoine, Nelson Henricks, Sorel Cohen, Sophie Jodoin, Leila Zelli, Luce Meunier, Marie-Claude Bouthillier, Caroline Monnet, Catherine Boivin, Dawit L. Petros, Josée Pedneault, Jackson Slattery, Vincent Larouche, Marion Wagschal, Corri-Lynn Tetz, Janet Werner, and Nadège Grebmeier Forget.

Untitled by Jérôme Havre
21″x28″; print on rag paper; 2010-2020
Courtesy of the artist.

For information on each artist as well as supplemental artworks, you can visit their website and their online Viewing room.

(text adapted from the museum’s press information)


Bradley Ertaskiran
3550 rue Saint-Antoine Ouest
Montréal, Quebec H4C 1A9 Canada
+1 514 989-1056

Wednesday-Friday, 11AM-6PM
Saturday, Noon-5PM