Fashion Items at Augen Gallery

Eva Lake: “Fashion Items”
5-28 May 2016

From the female face in “Anonymous Women”, Eva Lake went to the body, calling the work “The Torso”. When she began that work, she also started a day job selling very expensive clothes: what might be called The Best. There is so much attention paid to just one garment, an entire Romance. That Romance followed Lake into the studio and eventually she began collages with just a garment, no body or face needed. One might say that what she did with the face via “Anonymous” is what she is doing with the body via “Fashion Items” and “The Torso”.

Lake remembers a quote from an artist who used a jacket in one of her installations: “This is not about fashion or style,” she said. “This is about transformative power.” Those words really stuck with Lake, because she witnesses the transformational power of style and fashion on a daily basis. It is all the same thing to her. These new collages come out of that idea and are what she calls “Fashion Items”.

(adapted from the artist’s press materials)


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Image (top):
Torso No. 28
by Eva Lake
Courtesy of the artist