Finding Truth

Faces of Winter by Audrey Kay Dowling
24″x12″x12″; block printing, paint, chalk, painted sticks. Courtesy of the artist.


Audrey Kay Dowling: Finding Truth

at the Western New York Book Arts Center in Buffalo, New York, USA
4 November-10 December 2022

“Finding Truth” is the result of Audrey Kay Dowling’s continued lifelong love affair with her natural environment. Influenced mostly from her life in rural Chautauqua County, New York, Dowling is always taking in the subtleties of wherever she is wandering to use in her work. At times working right out in the field and other times doing quick mental sketches to add when she is back in her studio. An avid mixed media artist, Dowling loves to combine techniques that give her the message she wants to convey through her work. Her truth has always been found in her interpretation of the natural world around her. From an outdoor childhood and on, wishing trees, water environments, birds, and woods of all descriptions continue to be her art muses. Returning to Western New York to be back in an easily accessible, “right out the door” open natural land has defined her art path. Her work aims to interpret rather than slavishly copy. By staying looser, she can process more freely and share more of her own way of seeing and thinking.

Dancing in the Winter by Audrey Kay Dowling
23″x12″x12″; block printing, paint, ink, pastel, painted sticks. Courtesy of the artist.

This show is made possible by the New York State Council of the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

Audrey Kay Dowling received her BS in Art Education at SUNY New Paltz and a MS from SUNY Fredonia. In addition, she has attended numerous workshops in clay, printmaking and painting. Audrey works in her clay, painting, and printmaking studios full time. She is an award and grant-winning artist and the owner of Portage Hill Art Gallery in Westfield, New York.

(Text adapted from materials provided by the artist and the gallery.)


Western New York Book Arts Center
468 Washington Street
Buffalo, New York 14203 USA
(716) 348-1430

Thursday-Friday, 11AM-5PM
Saturday, 10AM-2PM