Of Method and Material


Of Method and Material
at SLATE Contemporary in Oakland, California, USA
4 January-23 February 2019

“Of Method and Material” features work by mixed-media artists Kerith Lisi, Brian Singer, and Hadley Williams. The exhibition focuses on the unique materials and art practices utilized by the artists to create compositions that brim with detail and texture.

Kerith Lisi cuts and re-assembles book covers to create compositions that present a mastery of colour theory and speak to the poetic nature of the material she works with. By repurposing old books that would otherwise be recycled, she is able to create something new and unexpected.

In his works on paper, Brian Singer explores the printed word as a visual representation of information, attempting to uncover new meaning in what is becoming an outdated form. His process involves cutting thousands of book pages and organizing their edges into alternate views of the texts, exposing geometric patterns and textures.

Hadley Williams‘ work is the culmination of her interest in mixed-media exploration and meticulous attention to pattern and arrangement. Williams’ recent works incorporate paper, gouache, acrylic and graphite on canvas. She cuts vintage paper to make a grid of individual units that she then connects with another layer, such as graphite circles, sprayed acrylic paint, circles made of gouache on watercolour paper, or pinholes.

(Text adapted from the gallery’s press materials)


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by Kerith Lisi
book cover on board
Courtesy of the artist