Profils: les amis de Liz et Loïc


Liz Lacharpagne: “Profils: les amis de Liz et Loïc”
2-8 November 2016

Opening reception: Thursday, 3 November, 5PM

Facebook is the social media network where people create virtual identities, including carefully selected profile pictures, to represent themselves. It is in these pictures that Liz Lacharpagne found inspiration for her large format collages, initially portraits of her friends, and then portraits of unknown people made using a fictitious profile, Loïc. “Profiles: les amis de Liz et Loïc” is a series of faceless portraits, a representation of representation, a mise-en-abyme of virtual identity that questions self-presentation in the digital age.

Collage allows the artist to get tangled up in details and to resonate with foreign places, from which emerge works of a quiet and startling strangeness. She traces, erases, and retraces the outlines of pictures. She discovers new territories. Ineffable facets and fragments of people, these deconstructed and reconstructed images give rise to actual presentation, like so many of the infinite reproductions of our image that we post on Facebook.

Liz Lacharpagne is artist-collagiste who explores the development of self-presentation in social networks. She is also a Montreal-based lawyer.

(adapted from the artist’s press materials)


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Sara B.
by Liz Lacharpagne
collage on a wood frame
August 2014
Courtesy of the artist