The Art of Collage

Cumber Farms by Lisa Macchi
13.75″x15.5″; collage with mixed media; 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Second Street Gallery.


The Art of Collage

at Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
7 June-19 July 2024

Artists from modern and contemporary eras have consistently challenged the limits of creative norms by marrying diverse materials to construct something distinctive, stunning, and unexpected. From Pablo Picasso’s Still Life with Chair Caning, which pioneered collage in Western art, to Hannah Höch’s politically driven photomontages, to Wangechi Mutu’s mixed media works addressing crucial women’s issues, and countless others in between, artists have continuously pushed the boundaries of collage while exploring new mediums and techniques. This art form’s inspiring spectrum has come a long way, notably occupying a significant space within the art world.

Phantasm by Sharon Shapiro
11″x12″; collage on paper; 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Second Street Gallery.

Derived from the French verb coller, which means “to glue”, collage refers to the technique and the resulting work of art where fragments of paper and other elements are arranged and glued—or otherwise attached to a supporting surface. This exhibition magnifies the exceptional breadth and history of collage, as seen through the lens of contemporary artists.

“The Art of Collage” is divided into two distinct parts. The first showcases 13 featured artists whose collections furnish the main walls of the gallery. The second part, erected on the back wall, presents a collage of collages. This spectacular assembly displays a meticulously curated selection of work from an additional 28 artists.

The 13 featured artists showcasing a collection of work include Richard A. Alonzo, Hannah Diomataris, Cassie Guy, Blythe King, Zofie King, Sri Kodakalla, Mary Lamb, Jonathan Lee, Lisa Macchi, Nikki Painter, Sharon Shapiro, Laura Wooten, and William Wylie.

Artists featured in the collage of collages wall include Karen Blair, Warren Craghead, Ginger Danz, Kay Vass Darling, Corinne Diop, Hank Ehrenfried, Mary Holland, Ken Horne, Liz Aukamp LaGarde, Andrea Limauro, Ashley Sauder Miller, Theodora Miller, Joanna Mullen, Charles W. Peale, Gene Provenzo, Tina Psoinos, Madeleine Rhondeau-Rhodes, Susan Crave Rosen, Lanecia A. Rouse, Lisa Ryan, Kelly Seeber, Andrew Sherogan, Suzanne Tanner-Chitwood, Brian Truesdale, Kazaan Viveiros, Rochelle Voyles, Sarah Gibson Wiley, and Steven Wolf.

(text adapted from material provided by the gallery)


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