The Auto Show

Domestic Cowboy by Danielle Cole
14”x14”; collage; 2019
Courtesy of the artist.


The Auto Show

at United Contemporary in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
6-29 February 2020
Opening Reception: 8 February, 2-5PM

Coinciding with the 2020 Canadian International Auto Show, United Contemporary presents “Auto Show”, a group exhibition that explores the ubiquity of the automobile in contemporary society. While not necessarily about the car as muse, the works in this exhibition reference the automobile conceptually or materially, and reflect on its influence in shaping our lives and our relation to the world we inhabit.

Featuring artists Stefan Berg, Matthew Carver, Danielle Cole, Sarah Dinnick, Rolande Souliere, Adam Swica, David Holden, Nancy Friedland and others.

Betsy by Danielle Cole
24”x24″; college on wood panel; 2016
Courtesy of the artist.

“When we have no more oil for cars, we will drag them behind horses, so we can keep on riding in them. Our love for cars is so all encompassing that we cherish even the bad ones: the ones with wooden panels, the ones too small to hold our baggage and the ones with seatbelts so feeble as to be decorative. We name them because we want to cheer them on as they deliver us from one place to the next. Ruby, Sylvie, Lulu, Mabel, Bessie, Red, The Captain, Rusty, Scamper. The cars and legs series is the natural extension of our unrelenting love of cars. A world made of lurking, prancing, striding, even moving cars–sexy and sturdy, they are the stuff of fantasy.”
–Danielle Cole

A portfolio of Cole’s work appears in Kolaj #16. To see this portfolio and the others from this issue: Get a Copy of the Issue.

(adapted from the gallery’s press materials)


United Contemporary
22 – 1444 Dupont Street
Toronto, Ontario M6P 4H3 Canada
(416) 530-9925

Thursday-Saturday, Noon-6PM, or by appointment