The Lie of the Land

Western Hemisphere by Déirdre Kelly
10.6″x14.2″; cut out, collage, stitching and mixed media on antique map (1851); 2024. Courtesy of the artist.

The Lie of the Land

at The Whitaker Museum & Art Gallery in Rossendale, Lancashire, England
30 May-18 August 2024

“The Lie of the Land” is an exhibition of works by Carolyn Curtis Magri and Déirdre Kelly, wandering pathways, tracing trajectories point to point, exploring isotherms, unfolding narratives with global threads.

Evolving from a shared interest in mapping and researching place and creativity through textile-inflected lenses, both artists make particular reference to lace making and a pattern of interconnectedness which relates to both local networking and global diaspora. It is a journey without borders; although there is a difference between gazes, Carolyn Curtis Magri and Déirdre Kelly have overlapping viewpoints stretching across the Mediterranean, Malta and Venice and now, here in Lancashire, where both artists have been inspired by The Whitaker Collection and Archives.

What Lies Beneath by Carolyn Curtis Magri
artist’s book (detail): pen, pencil and micropore tape on watercolour paper; 2024. Courtesy of the artist.

Déirdre Kelly’s work uses a combination of mixed-media images, geographical maps, collage and artists books that re- purposes data from various found sources in order to construct new visual and metaphorical narratives that play with the language of mapping and aesthetics of cartography.

Carolyn Curtis Magri uses emboss-drawing processes which are rooted in interests in ecology, archaeology and forensic processes. Large recto/verso drawings, collages and film based on walks in the local landscape reveal layers through which we see the world and ways of describing what lies beneath, informed by research in The Whitaker Collection.

(text adapted from material provided by the museum and the artists)


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