Paul Bright

Paul Bright began making collages in the late 1980s. More recently, his paper-based works have been joined by sound collages in an expansion of his approach. In both cases they are abstract works spontaneously structured of discrete parts – from fragments of the familiar – which frustrate the common desire for spatial and narrative completeness. Prizing the dialogue he establishes with “the found”, the sounds, text, and bits of image retain echoes of their previous lives, but are transformed in the new contexts the artist constructs for them.

Bright was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from the University of South Carolina. He is the Director of the Charlotte & Philip Hanes Gallery at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina).

His work has been shown in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, Canada, and in the U.S.. His works reside in numerous private collections, as well as museums.