And the Winner Is…

In each issue of Kolaj Magazine, we publish a Cut Out Page where we present imagery from various sources, carefully selected by our team of contributors or occasional guests. We then encourage you, dear reader, to cut out some of these images to create your own collage and send it to us.

Because things like this are so much more fun when there is a winner, we pick the one we like the best. For Issue One, the winner is….

Musta Fior

Musta Fior writes, “I wanted to compose a story but it was rather difficult with all the fragments but I wanted all to use them all the same absolutely. I thus composed this story of this little boy with his dream of car and his small companion, one sort of ‘security blanket’ snake which also dreams about something. And when I made the collage, I thought in nothing else than I could manage to realize something poetic which quickly marks the eyes of the spectators.”

As a prize, we are sending Musta Fior a Collage Art Greeting Card Pack from Kasini House Art Cards, collection of 10 Greeting Cards featuring contemporary collage by: Carl David Ruttan, Linda Durkee, Karen Geiger, Matt Hovey, and Px©. You can check them out HERE.

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